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Produce broadcast-quality content with Microsoft Teams

Elevate your content without sacrificing convenience

Professional broadcasts feature branded layouts, live switching, dynamic titles and graphics, and other elements that make content compelling. Epiphan Connect™ lets you leverage these capabilities with Microsoft Teams, unlocking your capacity to deftly create polished live and on-demand video experiences that will serve your brand to the fullest.

Epiphan Connect Epiphan Connect

Bring Microsoft Teams into your productions

Microsoft Teams is already your go-to tool for collaboration. Add Epiphan Connect and it can double as an efficient platform for creating fully branded video experiences, powering everything from company town halls and hybrid events to webinars and podcasts.

Make your people look like stars

Make your people look like stars

Your people are your brand’s most important representatives. Empower them to bring their best to every production by making them look great through a tool they’re familiar and comfortable with.

Add contributors from anywhere

Add contributors from anywhere

Video conferencing platforms have perfected the magic of connecting people over great distances (and nixing travel and accommodation costs). Epiphan Connect brings this power to your video productions through Microsoft Teams, enabling you to easily add remote employees, partners, and expert guests in Full HD.

Isolate audio into separate tracks

Isolate audio into separate tracks

Enjoy total control over who the audience hears in your broadcast with Epiphan Connect, which can isolate participant audio into separate tracks.

Streamline your video production

Streamline your video production

Epiphan Connect makes life easier by harnessing the convenience of Microsoft Teams, a platform your people already know and use daily. And it’s compatible with a wide range of video production solutions, empowering you to use whatever tools suit you best.

Works with

Epiphan Unify: Build a better hybrid workflow

Need a virtual production tool?

Epiphan Unify™ enables you to remotely record, switch, mix, and restream 4K video from anywhere. Flexible and open platform, Unify will work with any production environment.

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